Cartweaver 4 info and support.

What is the status of Cartweaver 4 CF, Cartweaver 4 PHP, and support for current users?

Since 2002 Cartweaver has served the web development community providing a quick, easy, robust way to add ecommerce functionality to web sites the world over. The web has changed dramatically since then and each new version of Cartweaver has kept up with those changes. It's time for Cartweaver to move to the new technology and standards of today's web! To do this we will be making the following changes.

  • CW4 PHP Status
  • CW4 ColdFusion Status
  • CW4 support

Status of Cartweaver PHP

The sales of Cartweaver 4 PHP have been discontinued. While the database structure and ecommerce feature set are still of high value the front end presentation needs to be updated to conform to current web technology and standards.

PHP remains a vibrant and popular platform among the web development community. To better serve this community and our users we are busy developing the new Cartweaver 5 PHP.

Cartweaver 5 will provide a fast, super easy way for web developers and designers to add ecommerce capabilities to their web sites. As soon as it is ready we will announce its release to our current users at a very attractive upgrade price. We will also resume sales to new users from this site. If you would like to stay informed on our progress email us or like us on Facebook!

Status of Cartweaver CF

Since its release in 2002 Cartweaver has supported the ColdFusion platform. While CFML remains a robust powerful web development platform, the direction Adobe has taken it has made it more of an enterprise solution. The support for it and its various spin offs such as OpenBlueDragon Railo, and Lucee is not as wide-spread as it once was. This being the case we have decided to no longer support or do any future development for the CFML platform.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause for our current users. We will continue to provide support for CW4 CF users until Jan 1 2017.

Upon the release of CW5 we will offer an extremely attractive upgrade price for current CW CF users that may want to purchase CW5 PHP. If you have any questions feel free to email us, we will be happy to hear from you and to offer whatever help we can.

Status of support for current CW users

Support for CW4 CF:
If you purchased Cartweaver 4 CF after Feb 1st 2016 you can receive support by emailing your questions to our support department or going to our support forum at We will continue to offer free email and forum support until January 1 2017.

Support for CW4 PHP
If you have CW4 PHP support will continue to be available via the CW Support Forum as well as via email at

CW4 online documentation is still available at:
CW4 help documentation is still available at:

What happened to the support ticket system? We are moving to a new PHP based system so the current support ticket system will be taken off line.

Once our new PHP based system is available we will update this space as well and make announcements on our Facebook page and our Support Forum.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email us and we will be happy to help however we can.

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